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We are flexible, understanding that business conditions change, goals change, and technology changes. We continuously seek ways to develop and improve ourselves, both as a company and as individuals.....

Eng. Abdulaziz mandour

Eng. Abdulaziz Mandour

Chairman of PTS Holdings

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Our Strategy

Our main strategy is based on seeding on People and Technology, connecting innovative and tech-savvy challengers across multi-industry-wide platforms through cross boarder network creating homogenous ecosystem with robust investment backbone ensuring high profits with minimum risks

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Who We Are?

PTS is a leading Investment firm that provides clients and partners with strategic advice within several structural and operational domains. We leverage our Executive Partners’ extensive experience and network in the region to help our clients conduct business in Egypt, the MEA Region


Kemtix Technologies LLC Logo

Kemtix Technologies LLC

Connecting the dots through digital leading-edge innovation platforms based on seamless cognitive customer experience. Specialized in Advanced Technological Industries to blend our senior level engineering expertise with our innovative ideas and link our expert capabilities with business objectives resulting in the delivery of next generation products.

Kemtix Innovation OÜ Logo

Kemtix Innovation OÜ

Kemtix innovation Helps revolutionize education in Schools to build a better future for education and for the learner. We aspire to reshape the methods of thinking, learning and training. Our mission is to provide a training and scientific service for children and adults through a trained and qualified team based on the methods of management theory

Oro Partners LLC Logo

Oro Partners LLC

ORO Partners is an angel investment network connect and support business angels, early stage investors, entrepreneurs and corporates seeking investing opportunities mainly in tech-disruptive innovations throughout Middle-East and Africa, the group is managed by ORO Partners, subsidiary of PTS Investments Holdings in cooperation with COREangels

ORO Ventures Lab LLC Logo

ORO Ventures Lab LLC

ORO Ventures Lab is a company-based Venture Studio, derived from the US-based holding company PTS Holding Investment. The lab adopts a one-stop shop approach for MEA startups combining company building with venture funding either by generating new ideas for startups or by recruiting founders with ideas, and then the process of growing the startup and enabling startups to capitalize on MEA-tech

Core Angels MEA Logo

Core Angels MEA

COREangels MEA is an angel investment network that connects and supports business angels, early stage investors, entrepreneurs, and corporates seeking investing opportunities mainly in tech-disruptive innovations throughout the Middle-East and Africa. The group is managed by ORO Partners, a subsidiary of PTS Investments Holdings, in cooperation with COREangels. At COREangels MEA, we provide unparalleled access to investment opportunities in the region. Our network is dedicated to supporting the growth and success of our portfolio companies, providing guidance and support throughout the investment process, from due diligence to exit

PTS Investments Projects Logo

PTS Investments Projects

PTS is an entrepreneurial firm that invests smart capital and provides unique solutions for those seeking for valuable investment opportunities. The company has always been striving when it comes to providing a full fledged integrated services

EDAM Healthcare Services S.A.E Logo

EDAM Healthcare Services S.A.E

EDAM has become the first choice for those wishing to obtain health care programs by cooperating with a group of leading medical service providers and improving the quality of care programs for our customers. EDAM seeks to raise the quality of medical services provided to our clients.