About us

Since our evolving on 2012, PTS investments holdings group has emerged as the premier provider of managed services, project management, technology solutions, & business venture builders to the investment management industry. PTS group of companies have been focusing to add a significant value to the global disruptive technological ecosystems & industry-wide platforms through developing and investing in the people

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We have adapted ecosystem-based approach enabling us to serve as a catalyst for our investment portfolios success. Tapping our deep industry knowledge of our diverse team members and our robust ecosystem of collaborative partners enabling us to provide a suite of tailored products and services for both our motivated entrepreneurs, governments, and investors to help businesses build resilience, spur innovation, expedite growth and expand into key markets.

On 2021, we had a strategic direction to build and manage secure and valuable investment portfolios in the disruptive technologies across the globe aiming to ensure maximum benefits, fewer risks as well as seeding in the entrepreneurs over the globe.

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Corporate Values

Start your business up
Our system of rules, practices, and processes in the company help ensure we continue to success by promoting accountability and taking responsibility for our actions
We evolve with you, not away from you
We are flexible, understanding that business conditions change, same as goals and technology, We continuously seek ways to develop and improve ourselves
Compete externally, collaborate internally
We are building and facilitating internal collaboration within and across interdisciplinary work teams in order to maximize one’s external competitive strength.
You are unique just like everyone else
We are committed to diversity, equity and life challenging creating an environment that is inclusive for all of our team and customers in the same time.

Our Vision

Our vision to to be a gamechanger to the global entrepreneurial ecosystems through developing and investing in the people and technology .

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Our Mission

To maintain our recognizable identity and promote our cross-boarders ecosystem platforms. Our clients, both from entrepreneurs, governments and investors, will seek us in order to achieve and transcend their aspirations.

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